Roscoe Boffin

"Never again."


Level 1 halfling ranger


The youngest child of two stout halflings, a city guard and an herbalist, Roscoe Boffin grew up safe and contented in the Cambrian town of Mossdale. He spent much of his childhood romping through the Mossdeep woods with his best friend, the elven Leon Silversun. All of that changed on his 16th birthday when gnoll bandits attacked his hometown and slaughtered nearly all of its residents. Believing his family and Leon to be among the dead, Roscoe fled into the outskirts and met an old family friend, a dwarven scout named Aegdoth. For the next year, Aegdoth trained the young halfling to be a monster hunter, a trade which he grew to excel at over thirteen years. Now aged thirty, Roscoe can fight and find his way through dense forests and dark caves alike.

Roscoe is mostly taciturn and ill-at-ease around other humanoids since he has spent so many years alone in the wilderness. His interactions have extended to either taking jobs or trading for supplies. He’ll say, if pressed, that he wishes to emulate the dwarven culture with which his family so strongly identified, but he really doesn’t wish to get close to anyone if he fails to save them from gnolls or beasts. But he is a loyal friend and protector of settlements, and he can laugh with good company, especially Leon, as if he were a child again.

Roscoe Boffin

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